Pressure Washing Start-Up: What You Need To Know:

Bubbles Pressure Washing is pretty knew to this industry, in fact, we’re still in our infancy with our one-year anniversary fast approaching. We’ve learned somethings along the way including new soft wash techniques, wood restoration, stain removal, commercial cleaning and more.

Anyone considering going into the pressure washing industry should fully consider they aren’t ever going to know it all and WOW…there’s a lot to know when it comes to pressure washing. (PRO-TIP: Perform test spots on your customers home before you spray chemicals all over it!) I’m sure you’re probably wondering “How hard can it be?”.
Pressure washing as a whole is quite easy. On the outside it looks very easy, almost satisfying. However, this is a business. A baby…your baby, if you will, that you’ll need to first breath life into and then constantly work on and walk through the stages of growth. There will be high times and lows, easy money and then none at all but the rewards of owning your own business are immeasurable as long as there is commitment.

Here’s 3 things to think about when starting up your business:

1. Research Your Business Expenses.

Your going to need to know cost of equipment, chemicals, vehicle maintenance, marketing (Are you going to have a website? Better include cost of SEO.), employees, insurance, seminars, etc. Sounds exhausting all ready, right? It’s your baby. Know everything you can. Put it on paper (word, excel, napkin, whichever). Write it down so you
are in the know. You can do this!

2. Licenses & Permits.

What does your city and state require you to carry….if any. Have you looked into the cost of registering your business name. Don’t forget Uncle Sam. He’s gonna want a piece of the action. If you need to reach out to legal counsel or head to your local district or county clerk for direction. Scheduling the time to sit with someone and get all those questions answered and handled is more then worth it. Walk into this with confidence that you have all the documents, licenses and permits that your community requires. Don’t be the $99 guy.

3. Advertising & Marketing.

This one pretty much speaks for itself. You’ll need a plan of action (like anything else). Know who your customer is. I can’t stress this enough. Of course everyone could use pressure washing somehow, someway but does everyone see the value you in what you are offering? Find the right customer and market to them. Will that be via your website SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, local papers? You might have to do a lot of playing around with new ideas to see what sticks and even those things that stick might only be seasonal. Marketing your company is it’s own entity. It’s as important as having the right equipment. All in all, if you go in this with the right mind set of success then you’ll do great! More tips to come!

summer tauferPressure Washing Start-Up: What You Need To Know:
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